65th Conference - Vienna, Austria
3-5 September 2014

Palais Niederösterreich, historically known as the Niederösterreichisches Landeshaus, Vienna. This building housed the Estates General of Lower Austria until 1848, the State Assembly from 1861 and the parliament of the Republic of Austria from 1918. (Illustration 1883)

The Commission has chosen the City of Vienna as home to its 65th Conference. It will be located at the University of Vienna, Austria. One of the conference days will be held at the Schallaburg Castle, 50 miles west of Vienna.

The conference is being organized by Professor Lothar Höbelt, the Secretary General of ICHRPI and he can be contacted for conference information at ichpri2014@gmail.com

Conference Information

The theme of the conference is PARLIAMENTS AND WAR.

Papers relating to World War I are particularly welcome and might be published as a special issue.

Papers will be presented on the influence of warfare on parliaments throughout history: did it help to strengthen or weaken the power of parliament?

The deadline for submission of proposals was 31 March 2014. In keeping with the traditions of the Commission all the papers proposed by 1 April have been accepted.

For the full Vienna programme see Conference Programme

The conference fee will be €100, just like last year, and will include a few calories.

Participants should please pay into the account named:

  • Dr. Lothar Hoebelt VK: ICHRPI
  • IBAN: AT64 2011 1280 1105 1501


Events on 3 and 5 September will take place in Vienna, Thursday 4 September at Schallaburg but bus transport will of course be provided for so all participants should look for accommodation in Vienna.


There are all sorts of options for hotels but two of them close to university have agreed to provide a certain number of rooms at slightly reduced prices. Please mention you are attending our conference when booking.