61st Conference - Amsterdam
26-27 August 2010

Conference website: www.ichs2010.org

Conference programme

Theme: In the frame of the 21st International Congress of Historical Sciences
Organizer: John Rogister, HP

26th August - Morning

Session 1: Models of Parliamentary practice (Room 1)

  • Sebastia SERRA BUSQUETS (University of the Balearic Islands): Elections to the Parliaments of the Autonomous Communities of the Spanish state, 1980-2009
  • Peter ROBERTS (Wolfson College, Oxford) : Patrick Collinson's "Monarchical Republic of Queen Elizabreth I": A House of Cards?
  • Alessia ZAPPELLI (University La Sapienza of Pisa) : Bettino Ricasoli and the evolution of parliamentary practice in the new Kingdom of Italy during the age of the Destra Storica
  • Joseba AGIRREAZKUENAGA/Mikel URQUIJO (University of Bilbao): The parliamentary practices of the Basque Country MPs in the Spanish Parliament, 1890-1914

Session 2: The symbolism of Parliamentary ceremonies (Room 2)

  • Remédios FERRERO MICÒ (University of Valencia) : The sequence of the parliamentary sessions in the Valencian Parliament
  • Agustín BERMÚDEZ AZNAR (University of Alicante): The ceremonial spaces of parliamentary sessions in the Kingdom of Valencia (13th-17th centuries)
  • Jonathan STIEBER (Smith College): The Celebration of the Duke of Anjou’s Entry as Duke of Brabant into Antwerp in 1582 and its consequences
  • Maria Manuel TAVARES RIBEIRO (University of Coimbra): Les Images Du Parlement au Portugal (1870-1926): la caricature

26th August - Afternoon

Session 3: Parliamentary Bureaucracies (Room 1)

  • Cristiana SENIGAGLIA University of Trieste) : Max Weber and the parliamentary bureaucracy of his time
  • Francesco SODDU (University of Sassari): The Italian parliamentary bureaucracy during the Liberal Age
  • Mario DI NAPOLI (Chamber of Deputies, Rome): Parliamentary Bureaucracy in Italy between politics and administration
  • Sandro GUERRIERI (University of Rome): A supranational parliamentary bureaucracy: The Secretariat of the European Parliament, 1952-1979

Session 4: Rhetoric in assemblies and parliaments (Room 2)

  • Maria Helena da CRUZ COELHO (University of Coimbra): Les discours sur les minorites religieuses aux Cortes portugaises du Moyen Age
  • Frédéric BIDOUZE (University of Pau): Remontrances contre lettres de cachet, ou l'habeas corpus à la francaise en 1788
  • Valeria FERRARI (University La Sapienza of Rome) : An example of parliamentary rhetoric after the Italian Risorgimento: Benedetto Musolino's speeches
  • Jean GARRIGUES (University of Orleans) : L'Âge d'or des grands orateurs au Parlement français, 1870-1914

27th August - Morning

Session 5: Rhetoric in assemblies and parliaments (Room 1)

  • Marcella AGLIETTI (University La Sapienza, Pisa): The Nation as woman. Gender in Spanish parliamentary rhetoric during the 19th century
  • Emilia INESTA PASTOR (University of Alicante): Honour and Reputation in the Spanish Parliament in the 19th century

Session 6 (Room 2)

  • Editorial Board Meeting
  • Direction Meeting
  • General Business Meeting